Migrate to a newer version of Form Recognizer to avoid service disruptions

You're receiving this notice because you currently use or have used the Azure Form Recognizer v2.0 (preview) or v2.1 (preview) API.

We retired the Form Recognizer v2.0 (preview) and v2.1 (preview) APIs on 15 October 2021. We had notified you back in October 2021 that the Form Recognizer v2.0 (preview) and v2.1 (preview) APIs will no longer function after 1 January 2022. To continue using Cognitive Services - Form Recognizer it is required that you migrate to the v2.1 GA API.


Required action

Follow our quickstarts to migrate to a newer version of Form Recognizer by 27 March 2022to avoid service disruptions.


Please bookmark the generally available (GA) Analyze - Form OCR Testing Tool (fott-2-1.azurewebsites.net) as this preview site will no longer be available after March 2022. If you have existing projects that need to be migrated, please follow these steps:

  1. Configure the same Form Recognizer resource for use with the GA sample labeling tool
  2. To re-create existing projects on the GA site, add the connection to the existing dataset. No training required
  3. Your trained models should be available for use in the new site


Additional resources


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at formrecog_contact@microsoft.com